Collection: MIDI DRESSES

Discover our range of versatile midi dresses. Our Midi dresses are the perfect balance of effortless and chic and are available in a range of different patterns and prints and fabrics. We have designed our midi dresses to be flattering for all different body types, and are available in both small and larger sizes as we have extended our size range. Discover our trans-seasonal collection of midi dresses. At Cartel & Willow, we take pride in being a female-run brand. This allows us to design midi dresses for women and girls that strike the perfect balance between effortless, chic and comfortable. Our midi dresses are thoughtfully designed, offering a wide variety of patterns, prints, and fabrics to suit your personal preferences. Whether you prefer classic solids with our signature C&W handwritten logo, on-trend prints, or girly florals, our collections have something for everyone. What sets our midi dresses apart is our commitment to inclusivity. We believe that beauty knows no size, which is why we've extended our size range to ensure that our midi dresses are flattering for all body types! From smaller to plus sizes, you'll find the perfect fit that complements your shape, making you feel confident, comfortable and the best version of you. We are also dedicated to using natural fabrics and continuously moving toward a more sustainable future. Currently 93% of our collections are made from natural fibers. Our natural garments are great for sensitive skin as they are made with less chemicals. Our natural fabrics include Cotton which is super soft, breathable. Your perfect midi dress awaits!